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 Looking for a Maltipoos, Malshihs, Shihpoos and Maltese puppies?  

We have puppies for sale about every 3-4 months. You can reserve your puppy for a $500 deposit (non refundable, but applied to your purchase).

Contact me to hear which puppies I currently have available.  I'm not updating the site with new pictures that often.  I will FaceTime or send pictures upon request.

I have moved to Plant City, Florida (25 miles east of Tampa).  I'm still selling puppies.

Call or text 813-465-1661 to meet your puppy and fall in love!  

We accept cash only.
The Puppies
Raised in our home with lots of love and play time, these little bundles of joy are a perfect companion for you or love one. Every family that has taken one of our previous puppies always tells us how much they love their new family member.
You will be able to meet both the puppy's parents when you come to meet our puppies. Our puppies receive their first set of shots and a health certificate from our Vet. We will also give you a starter dry and wet food by Royal Canine. We train our babies on puddle pads and will also include a starter supply for you.

Puppies will be ready for their forever home in 8-10 weeks from their born date.

Photos of the puppy parents shown below.
Call or text 813-465-1661 to meet your puppy!
Maltipoo Puppies for Sale
Born  12/17/19
Mom, Jeannie: 12 lbs    Dad: 6 lbs
$2000 each
Apricot and White.  Litter pictured below.  Waiting on more pictures.
1 of the puppies
Maltipoo Puppies for Sale
White and Black - 1 boy and 1 girl - Born 12/30/19
Mom, Pepper: 5 lbs.  Dad: 7 lbs
$2000 each
They will be ready just before Valentines' Day

1 of the puppies
(awaiting pictures)
(awaiting pictures)


  1. What is a Maltipoo?  
    The Maltipoo is an extremely loving dog and will form strong bods with their forever family.  They are a popular designer dog breed that combines the best traits of the Maltese and Poodle breeds.  Our Maltipoos litters are registered with the Continental Kennel Club (CKC).  Our puppies have either a Maltese mom and Toy Poodle dad or Toy Poodle Mom and Maltese dad.  Both Maltese and Poodles do not shed and are considered hypoallergenic.  The Maltipoo carries this trait making a desirable dog for an apartment or small home, without the hair cleanup required for shedding breeds. 

    Similarly, Malshihs and Shihpoos are designer dogs combining Maltese and Shih-Tzu or Shih-Tzu and Poodles respectively. All Maltese dogs are white.  

  2. Can I put my name on a list to get a puppy?
    You can reserve a puppy with a $500 deposit.  This will be applied to the purchase price.

  3. How healthy are the dogs?
    We own a limited number of dogs and breed selectively for the highest quality puppies. We take excellent care of our dogs and show them lots of love. All of our adult dogs undergo regular, periodic health check ups by our vet and are up to date on all their the full range of vaccines.They receive monthly treatments to prevent fleas, heart worms and other parasites. We work closely with our veterinarian to keep our adult dogs in excellent health. We believe that it is our responsibility to maintain the health of our adult dogs so we can provide you with a healthy puppy and we do whatever it takes to assure that happens. 

  4. How do I take care of a puppy?
    There are a lot of resources on the internet.  Here are some:  Puppy stages, Crate Training, House Training, Maltipoo Feeding and care

My Story

My love of Maltese and Maltese-designer puppies began when I adopted my first Maltese puppy, named Chip.  A product of a puppy mill that I purchased at a store selling puppies, I noticed the first day home that he was sick. When I brought him to my vet, I was told that if I hadn’t brought him in, he would have died within days.  During the month I spent bringing Chip back to health, we developed a strong bond that would last his entire life.  When I left home for an errand, Chip would sit at the door and remain there until I returned.

During his time as a puppy, I would often carry Chip in a pocketbook-style carrier or in a shopping cart when in stores that allow dogs.  People would ask if we would consider breeding him.  We had already had him neutered, so this wasn’t possible, but he brought me so much joy that I wanted to provide others with the opportunity to have a healthy loving puppy without the risks of purchasing from a puppy mill.

Breeding healthy puppies involves a large investment of time and expense. We only feed our parent dogs Royal Canin, a high-quality dog food.  During the period of pregnancy and nursing, our moms are fed Royal Canin’s starter puppy food, to provide the highest nutrition to offset the demands a pregnancy has on the momma dog’s body.  I also supplement this food with Nurtical and other supplements. When a momma is ready to deliver her puppies, I bring a pillow and blankets into our nursery area and stay at her side during the delivery period and the following day.  The delivery process can be taxing on small mother dogs. I am there to help clean the puppy when the mom needs my help, providing Nutrical and goat’s milk for the mom in between delivering puppies.  Puppies are blind for the first two weeks of their lives, when their eyes begin to open.  Sometimes they have difficulty finding their mother’s nipples to nurse from, especially if the mom has three or more puppies and the most dominant puppy pushes the others away from a nipple while they are nursing.  I am there to help the puppies reach and nurse from their mom, weighing them twice a day and when necessary, supplementing their nursing with bottle-fed goat’s milk to maintain their weight during the critical first weeks after birth.  Normally once the puppies’ eyes open, the fun starts, as the puppies begin to learn to play with each other and their mom. People play begins at three to four weeks and while they need to continue to nurse, most begin experimenting with food at that time.  It is a labor of love, with the hardest part being the moment it is time to say goodbye when the puppies are adopted.  Knowing that you will provide a great home and send us photos from time to time makes it all worthwhile.

The Adults

  • Andy
    Male, 3 lbs
  • Babyboy
    Male, 4.5 lbs
  • Pepper
    Female, 5 lbs  
  • Precious
    Female, 9 lbs

The Adults - Continued

  • BabySnoopy
    Female, 6 lbs
  • Lucy
    Female, 4.5 lbs
  • Snowy
    Female, 6 lbs
  • Jeannie
    Female, 6 lbs
  • I love my dog! She is so smart, she seems like a human with 4 legs.
    - Joann, Marietta
  • Thank you again!  We really love having Little Caesar!! He is on perpetual snuggle duty with the kids!
    - Melissa, Jacksonville
  • We wanted you to know how delighted we are with our pup. He is wonderful! We love him!
    - Jane, Tampa


Call or text 813-305-5684 or email.  
We are located in north metro Atlanta.